Delta 8 THC Near Me: Buying D8 Products Online vs Locally - LA Weekly (2023)

It didn’t take long for the other cannabinoids from cannabis to get their place in the spotlight with the rapid growth of the CBD space.

Delta 8 THC is one of such cannabinoids — also known as “cannabis light” or “diet cannabis.”

As the market becomes more dynamic, companies are looking for opportunities to introduce some bolder products that are still federally legal.

The milder psychoactive effects and lower risk of adverse reactions such as anxiety and paranoia have made Delta 8 a new target for creative entrepreneurs. Better yet, the 2018 Farm Bill created a situation where Delta 8 THC is legal on a federal level despite being the analog of the outlawed Delta 9 THC.

Where’s the catch? And more importantly, where should you look for high-grade delta 8 THC?

Here we discuss the perks and pitfalls of buying Delta 8 locally vs online.

Delta 8 THC Near Me: Local Vendors vs Online Shops

Delta 8 THC has come into sight as an appealing alternative for people who would like to experience similar benefits to delta 9 THC but experience anxiety and paranoia when they take too much.

You can find delta 8 THC products pretty much everywhere; they’re in dispensaries, vape stores, head shops, and even at gas stations.

However, the delta 8 space is very young, so today customers must face the same challenges as CBD users did a few years ago. There are simply too many brands offering poor-quality products and hoping to make a quick buck on a booming market.

Delta 8 products are unregulated, meaning there are no established manufacturing, testing, and labeling standards.

Products sold locally often don’t have certificates from third-party laboratories. Some of them are less potent than advertised, whereas others may be contaminated due to improper purification or the use of bleaches to make delta 8 THC distillates appear cleaner (pure D8 distillates have a slightly pink color).

Why Online Shops Are Better If You’re Looking for Delta 8 THC

The current state of the delta 8 THC space has made many people turn to online delta 8 THC vendors. Online shops offer several perks that you won’t find locally, including:

Better Product Selection

Local vendors usually have one or two types of delta 8 THC products in stocks (tinctures and vapes). Online stores offer a wider product selection to choose from, including concentrates, distillates, and edibles.

All these types of delta 8 come in different concentrations and flavors, so you can further diversify your experience and choose a form that suits your preferences and dosage needs.

Lower Prices

Owners of traditional shops need to cover certain costs that translate into higher prices of their products. Online shops don’t have to deal with the middleman, so they usually offer better prices on top of appealing discounts, coupon codes, and reward programs. The availability of online vendors creates a competitive market, encouraging companies to fight for customers with their prices.


Buying delta 8 THC is easier and more convenient than local shopping. You can browse through different formulations, potencies, flavors, and prices in the comfort of your home. There’s no need to bounce between local shops. Another perk ofbuying Delta 8 THC onlineis that you can use a credit card for payment; most dispensaries and head shops only accept cash for now.

Purchase Safety

Most delta 8 THC products are sold directly by the manufacturer, which makes research easier. Not only can you read about the company’s experience and manufacturing practices, but you can also look into the certificates of analysis from third-party laboratories and read user reviews. When you shop for delta 8 locally, you need to rely solely on the store owner’s knowledge or the information provided by the shop’s staff.

Best Delta 8 Brand Near Me:Area 52(Most Reliable)

Delta 8 THC Near Me: Buying D8 Products Online vs Locally - LA Weekly (1)

As mentioned earlier, we could count reputable Delta 8 THC brands on one hand, but there’s one particular company that really excels at quality standards. Area 52 is a relatively new California-based company that offers a selection of premium pure delta 8 products from organic hemp. Their products are legal and safe because the entire collection is tested in an ISO-certified laboratory for the potency of d8 as well as for purity.

You can choose from three product types: tinctures, gummies, and vapes.

The Delta 8 tincture comes with 1200 mg of total delta 8 THC (broad-spectrum distillate) infused with natural vanilla flavor. A single serving (1 mL) contains 40 mg of delta 8 THC, which is enough to experience the health benefits of this cannabinoid and get elevated for at least 4 hours.

Area 52 also offers Delta 8 THC gummies in three assorted flavors: Strawberry, Pineapple, and Green Apple. Each gummy contains a potent dose of 25 mg of delta 8 THC and is formulated with organic ingredients. You can eat them even if you’re vegan or gluten-intolerant because the gummies are made without animal derivatives and wheat.

Finally, the Pineapple Express delta 8 THC cartridge offers 900 mg of d8 and a blend of the strain-specific terpenes. This combination of ingredients provides a smooth energetic buzz perfect for daytime consumption.

Runner Up:Finest Labs(Best for New Users)

Delta 8 THC Near Me: Buying D8 Products Online vs Locally - LA Weekly (2)

Finest Labs is another young company that has entered the market with a similar product selection to Area52. But unlike its competitor, Finest Labs focuses on slightly lower potencies that are supposed to work better for new users who want to start low and slow with delta8. The company is also a good pick for lightweight consumers with a low tolerance to delta 8 THC.

At concentrations like 500 mg (d8 tincture) or 10 mg (d8 gummies), it’s easier to try different dosages and gradually work your way up to the point where you experience a smooth high and optimal health benefits. Lower strengths also mean lower price per product. If you’re looking for premium delta 8 extracts from an affordable brand, Finest Labs is just the right companion.

What Are the Dangers of Buying Low Quality Delta 8 THC?

Whether you’re shopping for delta 8 THC locally or online, there are a few pitfalls you should be aware of.

The most obvious risks include its safety and legality.

Delta 8 THC is theoretically legal on a federal level, but in reality, it remains in a legal grey area.

If you want to make sure your delta 8 products are legal, you need to know the source of the cannabinoid.

The only products accepted by the federal government are those derived from hemp plants. Marijuana-derived delta 8 THC can be purchased in places where the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized. As of today, 15 states have entirely legalized THC-rich cannabis and its derivatives.

Unfortunately, even hemp-derived products may be dangerous for your health if you’re buying from an unverified source.

Only a few brands offering delta 8 THC test their products in third-party laboratories for potency and purity. The vast majority of products sold locally aren’t certified, meaning that users may expose themselves to harmful chemicals applied during extraction or the aforementioned bleaches used to make the end product look cleaner than the actual delta 8 distillate.

Due diligence and proper research is required if you want to ensure the right quality of a delta 8 THC extract. You shouldn’t rely only on the store owner’s word, because at the end of the day, nobody will tell you that their products are of low quality.

Things to Look for When Shopping for Delta 8 THC

No two delta 8 THC products are made the same. Let’s dive deeper into some important factors determining the quality of delta 8 THC extracts.

The Source of Delta 8

You already know that delta 8 THC can be extractedfrom hemp or marijuana. If you live in a marijuana-friendly state, then buying marijuana-derived delta 8 products is a good idea because such products require less plant material than hemp-derived extracts, which makes them more cost-efficient.

However, for most people in the US, the only way to try delta 8 THC is to purchase products made from hemp.

Regardless of the source, you should know that cannabis plants are effective bioaccumulators. In other words, they draw up every substance from the environment they grow in — including the good and the bad substances.

In a perfect world, the plant should contain only the good ones.

Which is why farming practices are paramount for the quality of hemp flowers.

Hemp that has been grown organically — under natural sunlight and without pesticides or growth boosters — will yield clean flowers rich in cannabinoids. This is the best type of hemp to produce delta 8 THC, unlike mass-produced hemp that some manufacturers use for extraction.

Extraction Method

CO2 extraction is the golden standard on the cannabis market. This technology uses pressurized carbon dioxide that possesses the properties of liquid and gas at the same time. This unique trait enables efficient extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp — without using extra heat or aggressive solvents.

Then you need to consider how the delta 8 THC was obtained. The only legal way of making delta 8 THC extracts is through conversion from CBD to delta 9 THC and then to delta 8. Like we said, this process involves the use of toxic chemicals that can pass into the end product if not purged properly.


Third-party Testing

Trustworthy companies send samples of their products to third-party laboratories for a content analysis. These laboratories verify the potency of delta 8 in the tested sample as well as the entire cannabinoid and terpene profiles. They also look for potential contaminants, such as pesticides, funghi, mold, heavy metals, or residual solvents. If a product passes the test, it receives a certificate of analysis (COA) so that customers can look into the results. If a company doesn’t publish these lab reports on its website or, at least, via email, it’s an instant red flag.

Brand’s Reputation

One of the best ways to find a trustworthy delta 8 THC vendor is to look for reputable CBD companies that have decided to expand their product lineup with d8 extracts. Such brands have many positive reviews on third-party websites — expert blogs, CBD rankings, forums — and provide independent lab reports as a proof of their products’ quality. COAs from third-party laboratories ensure that you’re buying a legitimate product and reduce the risk of getting ripped off.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THCstands for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol— an analog of the standard THC that causes the signature marijuana high.

This standard version has a slightly different name; it’s called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

So, how is it possible that one of these versions is legal while the other remains banned on a federal level since 1937?

In order to explain that, we need to take a closer look at the chemical structure of both compounds.

Delta 8 has a different molecular structure tha delta 9. This slight difference makes it twice less potent, which produces a milder intoxicating effect on the user. People who take delta 8 THC report a smoother high with a lower risk of side-effects like anxiety, paranoia, or racing heart.

Cannabis plants don’t synthesize delta 8 THC naturally. Instead, delta 8 THC comes as a byproduct of Delta 9 THC’s breakdown. Over time, THC can degrade into two compounds: delta 8 and CBN. However, most of the THC transforms into CBN, a less psychoactive but more sedating cannabinoid. A negligible amount is converted to a more stable delta 8 THC.

How Is Delta 8 THC Produced?

Delta 8 THC can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana.

Marijuana-derived delta 8 is legal only in the states that have legalized its recreational use and can be converted directly from delta 8 THC.

Manufacturers using hemp for extraction use a special conversion process from CBD to delta 9 THC and then to delta 9.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal to Buy in the United States?

The legal status of delta 8 THC depends on the source — just like CBD products are treated.

When extracted from marijuana, the extract will contain a considerable amount of delta 9 THC besides delta 8 and other cannabinoids. As mentioned, such products are only legal in places that have an established recreational marijuana market.

On the other hand, hemp-derived Delta 8 THC products are federally legal because their delta 9 THC content doesn’t exceed 0.3%.

The 2018 Farm Bill drew a thick line between hemp and marijuana. Hemp was reclassified as an agricultural commodity, becoming a regular crop just like canola or flax. Hemp-derived products are federally legal as long as the total delta 9 THC content is kept under 0.3%.

However, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has taken a different stance on delta 8 THC products, claiming that delta 8 falls into the category of “tetrahydrocannabinols” which are labeled by the government as controlled substances. In plain English, this means that the production and sale of synthetically made delta 8 THC is a felony.

The bad news for the DEA is that the way delta 8 THC is extracted these days is anything but synthetic by the definition of “synthetically-derived.”

Synthetically-derived means that the product was made in a laboratory using synthetic ingredients.

Delta 8 THC uses a conversion process from plant-derived cannabinoids, and although there are toxic chemicals involved (which are further removed from the product), it is far from synthetic.

Long story short, delta 8 THC is theoretically in a legal grey area until the government officials clarify the issue.

11 states have explicitly prohibited the manufacturing and sale of delta 8 THC, including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah.


As the delta 8 THC space continues to grow, there are more entrepreneurs eager to set their foot in the booming industry.

Due to the lack of regulations in terms of the product’s manufacturing and labeling standards, many companies are churning out low-quality, overpriced delta 8 extracts because they don’t take any responsibility for what they’re selling.

The best way to find a high-quality delta 8 vendor is to look for a reputable online store. You can count on a greater product variety, better prices, and convenient customer experience — not to mention the vast opportunities to research your potential supplier.

If you prefer to buy cannabis products locally, you’ll likely find many businesses offering delta 8 THC near you. Living in a marijuana-friendly state is one way to obtain high-quality d8 products because cannabis dispensaries must comply with the state regulations surrounding the sale of cannabis products. For hemp-derived extracts, we suggest that you do thorough research andread user reviewson third-party websites to check if one of your local vendors is worth your trust.

Advertising disclosure: We may receive compensation for some of the links in our stories. Thank you for supporting LA Weekly and our advertisers.


What is the difference between Delta 8 and dispensary? ›

Weed VS Delta 8

Because Delta 8 binds more weakly to the body's CB receptors, it has generally less potency and different effects in the body. The most significant difference between these two is that Delta 8 is legal nearly nationwide!

How do you get Delta 8 out of your system in a week? ›

Drinking plenty of water is the best way to flush delta 8 out of your system as quickly as possible. Drinking plenty of water can help to flush substances out of your body, including delta 8.

Why is Delta 8 no longer getting me high? ›

Your THC Tolerance is High

Because Delta-8-THC is much less potent than Delta-9, you may not have experienced any effects at all when you took Delta-8. One way to correct this issue is to take a larger Delta-8-THC dose.

What is the strongest Delta 8 variant? ›

Therefore, Hollyweed delta 8 flower are made with only the most potent and highest-quality products. These flowers have been lab-tested and shown to contain a minimum of 8% delta 8 THC, which is not only the best quality but also exceeds the legal potency limit allowed in Washington state.

Which Delta is the strongest? ›

Delta-9 is the strongest, delta-10 is the mildest, and delta-8 (you guessed it) is right in the middle. While they have a similar chemical formula, each compound has a slightly molecular structure, causing them to yield slightly different therapeutic effects.

Does delta-8 give you the same high? ›

While Delta 8 can have a euphoric effect, it won't be the same type of high as you get with other cannabinoids. Most users have reported that they are relaxed, sleepy, and forgetful after using Delta 8.

What happens if you take Delta 8 everyday? ›

Consuming delta-8 can lead to many unintended side effects, including psychosis. Psychosis can occur due to the regular consumption of cannabis products and can even trigger long-lasting mental health conditions.

How long does 1 hit of Delta 8 stay in your system? ›

Because their structures are similar, delta-8 is expected to stay in the body for the same amount of time as delta-9 THC. For occasional users, this could be as little as 2 to 5 days. For regular users, it could be up to 15 days.

How long does it take for Delta 8 to clean your system? ›

The half-life of Delta 8 THC has been reported as anywhere from 40 minutes to 7 hours. Delta 8 THC can linger in the body much longer than other metabolites and it is generally believed that Delta 8 remains detectable in the body for one to three days after consumption.

Why do I feel weird after Delta-8? ›

Delta 8 can also cause dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, and headaches in some people. It is important to start with a low dose and increase gradually as needed to avoid these side effects. If you experience any of these side effects, stop using Delta 8 and consult your doctor.

How much Delta-8 does it take to get stoned? ›

How much Delta 8 to get high? Everyone's Delta-8 dosing threshold will be different. Some people feel psychoactive effects after taking only 5-10 mg of Delta-8, while others need to take 20 mg or more for substantial effects. Your THC tolerance, weight, metabolism, and other biological factors will affect this.

How many times can you hit a Delta-8? ›

This device provides approximately 150 hits, so there's no need to worry about changing batteries or refilling fluids. How Does Vaping Delta 8 THC Feel?

What is stronger than delta 8? ›

Delta 9 is significantly more potent than Delta 8. Some experts believe it to be about twice as powerful overall. Side effects are more severe with Delta 9, including paranoid delusions, mental cloudiness, motor impairment, and anxiety.

What carts get you the highest? ›

5 Best THC Cartridges In 2023
  • Exhale Wellness – Overall Best THC Cartridges On The Market.
  • BudPop – Strongest Delta 8 THC Cartridges.
  • Hollyweed CBD – Highly Potent Delta 8 THC Vape Pens.
  • Diamond CBD – Premium Quality Marijuana Vape Pen.
  • 3Chi – Affordable THC Carts & Delta 8 Vape Pen.
Apr 5, 2023

Does delta 8 weaken immune system? ›

Delta-8 THC can be used to suppress the immune response in your body. If a patient is suffering from autoimmune diseases, Delta-8 THC will offer some relief and support.

Will delta 8 test positive? ›

Can Delta 8 Produce a Positive Drug Test Result? In short, the answer is yes. delta-8 will make you fail a drug test. However, because Keystone can differentiate between delta-8 and delta-9, often those who test for delta-8 come up positive for delta-9.

What is stronger than Delta? ›

The short answer is yes, THC-O effects are stronger than all current THC extracts. It is approximately 3 times stronger than marijuana or hemp-derived Delta-9.

Which Delta is best for sleep? ›

As mentioned before, delta-9 is much stronger and more potent than delta-8. It also contains higher levels of THC. Although it takes longer for users to feel the effects of delta-8, research suggests it works better as a sleep aid and anxiety reducer than its stronger counterpart, delta-9.

Is delta 8 bad for your liver? ›

Delta-8 can lead to long-term mental health conditions and affect a person's physical health. Synthetically producing delta-8 can involve many harmful chemicals that can damage the liver, cause cardiac problems, and much more.

What is the warning on delta 8? ›

This means that people who consume low quality delta-8 products are at risk of accidental poisoning. Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have released recent warnings about delta-8 products.

What should a delta 8 high feel like? ›

Most will describe taking Delta 8 as a very pleasant and uplifting experience. It tends to bring a deep feeling of relief and peacefulness to its users. Some might even say it gives them a floating feeling, as if all of the weight has been taken off of them.

Can Delta 8 cause heart problems? ›

Scientists and public health experts are alarmed about the rising use of Delta-8 THC and are concerned about its harmful health consequences, which can include slurred speech, increased heart rate progressing to slowed heart rate, low blood pressure, difficulty breathing, sedation, and coma.

Is Delta 8 bad for your heart? ›

Individuals with heart problems: Delta 8 can increase heart rate and may pose risks for those with pre-existing heart conditions or a history of heart-related issues.

How much Delta 8 is healthy? ›

A good delta-8 serving to start with on your first time is 10-15 mg. For most delta-8 gummies, this is roughly half a gummy. Cut a gummy in half, and then wait at least 30 minutes to see how you feel before taking any more. If you're using a delta-8 tincture, this is roughly half a dropper full, or 0.5 mL.

How long does 25mg of Delta 8 last? ›

In general, Delta-8 effects can last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours, but each product style offers a different onset and duration. Delta-8 effects may wear off quickly, but it can stick around in your system for much longer.

How long does a few puffs of Delta 8 stay in your system? ›

In summary, delta 8 THC will remain in the system for about two days if you've only used it once or twice. If you take delta 8 often or in high doses, you may need to wait somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks to be cleared from the body completely.

How long does 60mg of Delta 8 stay in your system? ›

The half-life of delta 8 THC is about 30 minutes, which means it takes 4 hours for a 60mg dose of the substance to be removed from your system.

Will Delta 10 show up in a drug test? ›

Delta 10 is not currently included in most standard drug tests, which typically screen for Delta 9 THC and other common cannabinoids like CBD and CBN. However, some specialized drug tests may be able to detect Delta 10, so it's important to be aware of its potential presence in your system.

What is the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 10? ›

The most significant difference between Delta 8 and Delta 10 is that Delta 8 is more potent than Delta 10. Delta 8 has a higher concentration of cannabinoids, making it much stronger. Delta 8 provides psychoactive effects that last much longer, whereas Delta 10 has more of a Sativa effect.

What is the difference between Delta 8 Delta 9 and Delta 10? ›

The chemical difference between delta-8, delta-9 and delta-10 THC is the position of a double bond on the chain of carbon atoms they structurally share. Delta-8 has this double bond on the eighth carbon atom of the chain, delta-9 on the ninth carbon atom, and delta-10 on the 10th carbon atom.

What are the worst side effects of Delta-8? ›

“Delta-8 products can cause severe side effects such as paranoia, hallucinations, vomiting (very common), tremor, anxiety, dizziness, confusion, loss of consciousness and tachycardia,” said Dr.

How do I feel better after too much Delta-8? ›

  1. STAY HYDRATED. First things first: if you're wondering what to do if you get too high, drink some water. ...

Can you get withdrawal symptoms from Delta-8? ›

Delta-8 can cause withdrawal symptoms when people try to quit, including irritability, insomnia, and appetite changes.

What is the best Delta 8 for pain? ›

Best Delta 8 THC Gummies for Pain
  • Pure Craft Delta 8 THC Gummies.
  • Summit THC Delta 8 Gummies.
  • OtterSpace Sour Watermelon D-8 Gummies.
  • Delta Remedys.
  • Diamond CBD Delta 8 THC Gummies.
  • TRE House Delta-8 THC Gummies.
  • 3CHI Delta 8 THC Gummies.
  • Area 52 Delta 8 THC Gummies.

Does Delta 8 work for pain? ›

Delta-8 THC may provide much of the experiential benefits of delta-9 THC, such as relaxation, euphoria and pain relief, with fewer adverse effects, he adds.

Can you smoke too much Delta 8? ›

In most cases, the side effects of taking too much Delta-8 include feeling nauseous, dizzy, or generally uncomfortable. Some people experience mild to moderate headaches when they take too much Delta-8.

What is the strongest delta 8 disposable? ›

There are delta 8 disposable vapes of various potencies available in the market. One-gram vape cartridges are available in different strengths. Among our list, the strongest delta 8 disposable vape is 3Chi.

What company has the strongest Delta 8? ›

Best Delta 8 Brands On The Market
  • Elevate – Overall Best Delta 8 Brand, Editor's Pick.
  • Binoid CBD – Most Trusted Delta 8 Brand.
  • Budpop – Safest Delta 8 Brand To Buy THC Carts and Gummies Online.
  • 3chi – Most Potent Delta 8 THC Products.
  • Exhale Wellness – Popular and Legit Delta 8 THC Brand.
Mar 9, 2023

Is Delta 8 better than Sativa? ›

Delta 8 indica and sativa both have medicinal benefits. Indica strains are known to be more sedative and are often prescribed to treat pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Sativa strains are known to be more energizing and are commonly prescribed to treat depression, fatigue, and mental clarity.

Which is more potent Delta 8 or cbd? ›

Differences Between CBD, Delta-9 THC, and Delta-8 THC

Similarly, delta-8 THC also produces a high, though it is less potent. CBD does not produce a high when consumed. Both delta-8 and delta-9 THC can help stimulate appetite, while CBD taken in isolation may decrease appetite.

How many hits is a 1 g cart? ›

A 1g cart (10 x 3) should be able to get you roughly 300 hits. Roughly 250-350. This is all dependent on how hard you pull, how long you pull, the viscosity of the oil, the humidity of the environment you are in, the charge level of your battery and type of battery, amongst other things.

What is the strongest sativa cart? ›

What Sativa Strain Is the Strongest? Cafe Racer is the strongest Sativa strain, with up to 35% THC content. Sour Diesel, Chocolope, Durban Poison, and Jack Herer all have a reputation for being strong Sativa strains, but they're not nearly as potent as Cafe Racer.

What are the fake cart brands? ›

Is there a fake cartridges list?
Bart CartsSupreme Vape CartridgesOrganic Smart Carts
Off WhiteLion's BreathCereal Carts
KRT YangSpringfield FarmsCartnite
ChoicesLegion of BloomTKO Extracts
Big Chief ExtractsWest Coast CartridgesRuntz
4 more rows

How bad is Delta 8 for your brain? ›

Consuming large quantities of delta-8 or unlabeled delta-9 THC can cause chronic vomiting, psychosis and addiction when used at high concentrations. Manufacturing quality checks are essential in the production of these products for public health standards.

Does Delta 8 help with arthritis? ›

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that is similar to delta 9, the compound found in marijuana that produces a high. However, delta 8 is less potent and has fewer psychoactive effects. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, making it a promising treatment for arthritis.

Who should not take Delta 8? ›

Similar to cannabis, there are some serious risks of delta-8 THC use in some specific populations, including: Teenagers. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding. People with serious mental health concerns.

Does delta-8 get you higher than CBD? ›

Differences Between CBD, Delta-9 THC, and Delta-8 THC

Similarly, delta-8 THC also produces a high, though it is less potent. CBD does not produce a high when consumed. Both delta-8 and delta-9 THC can help stimulate appetite, while CBD taken in isolation may decrease appetite.

What is the difference between delta-8 edible and regular? ›

The most significant difference between smoking delta 8 THC products and consuming edibles is that gummies need to go through the digestive system before the compound makes it to your bloodstream, so they may take long to feel effects.

How does delta-8 show on a drug test? ›

Therefore, participants using delta-8 will likely screen positive for cannabinoids—either from the delta-8 metabolites themselves or from other cannabinoids that are present in the product being used.

How long does delta-8 stay in urine? ›

Urine tests highly depend on how often you abuse the substance, for example: Occasional users will test positive for Delta 8 to 3 days after their last use. Moderate users will test positive for Delta 8 between 5 to 7 days after their last use. Daily users will test positive for 10 to 15 days after their last use.

How much Delta 8 gets you stoned? ›

How much Delta 8 to get high? Everyone's Delta-8 dosing threshold will be different. Some people feel psychoactive effects after taking only 5-10 mg of Delta-8, while others need to take 20 mg or more for substantial effects. Your THC tolerance, weight, metabolism, and other biological factors will affect this.

What is stronger than Delta 8? ›

Delta 9 is significantly more potent than Delta 8. Some experts believe it to be about twice as powerful overall. Side effects are more severe with Delta 9, including paranoid delusions, mental cloudiness, motor impairment, and anxiety.

What should a Delta 8 high feel like? ›

Most will describe taking Delta 8 as a very pleasant and uplifting experience. It tends to bring a deep feeling of relief and peacefulness to its users. Some might even say it gives them a floating feeling, as if all of the weight has been taken off of them.

Is Delta 8 better than regular high? ›

Some early research supports the claim that delta-8 could cause a milder high than traditional marijuana. But because the drug is unregulated, the vast majority of delta-8 products on the market don't resemble what's tested in a lab and can be contaminated with other cannabinoids and heavy metals.

Why are Delta 8 edibles so strong? ›

Why Are Delta-8-THC Edibles Stronger? To put it briefly, Delta-8 edibles have more potent effects because of the way they are metabolized. Unlike inhaled doses, like from Delta-8 flower or vapes, Delta-8-THC edibles need to pass through the digestive tract before they can be absorbed.

What happens if I fail a drug test because of CBD? ›

Over time, the small amount of THC allowed in CBD products could build up in the body to detectable levels. THC is fat-soluble, so THC that isn't immediately metabolized by the body will be stored in fat tissue and could result in a positive drug test.

Does delta-8 help with pain? ›

Like delta-9 THC, delta-8 produces feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and potential pain relief, but they're a lot milder. For people who don't want to experience a pronounced “high,” the lower potency may be a benefit.

What happens if you take too much delta-8? ›

Having too many delta-8 gummies can result in a dry mouth, which causes the salivary glands to reduce saliva production. The dry sensation in your mouth can lead you to think you are dehydrated, and you may feel the urge to drink water to replenish the feeling.

Will i pass a drug test after delta-8? ›

Delta-8 THC is a chemical found in cannabis with similar effects to traditional (delta-9) THC. Because delta-8 THC is similar to delta-9 THC, it can make you feel high and is likely to show up on a drug test.

How long does it take delta-8 to kick in? ›

Delta 8 gummies are ingested orally and must pass through the digestive system to enter the bloodstream. This process can take 30 minutes to an hour before the effects are felt. Delta 8 gummies take around 30-60 minutes to take effect.

How long does 25mg of delta-8 last? ›

In general, Delta-8 effects can last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours, but each product style offers a different onset and duration. Delta-8 effects may wear off quickly, but it can stick around in your system for much longer.


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