"Is It Ok For My Girlfriend To Hit Me?" How to handle it? (2023)

Sam and his girlfriend were enjoying an evening walk. Hand in hand, the lovebirds were busy with happy gossips.

Off and on, laughter spread in the air, as they turned to Paradise Park. In frolicking, Jasmine,Sam’s girlfriend, hit him on the chest. He bent down with the pain, but he continued laughing.

She hugged him again, kissed him, and proceeded with their love journey.

Roger and his girlfriend Lily intended to hang out. They started towards the cafeteria. Lily was upset because of her dad’s over-restricted behavior. Roger tried to make her fresh by cracking some adult jokes.

But in her dismay, Lily punched Roger on his back. He tried to understand the mental condition of Lily and did not complain about her undesirable act. Anyhow, he could not restore his wantoning mood for that evening. They remained indifferent to each other and the main objective of their hang-out was spoiled.

Among both the couples, guys were hit by their girlfriends, but the nature was quite different.

The first couple had different intentions after being hit. The second one was all dull and after being hit and hitting, they lost their charm to each other.

With which intention you are being hit by your girlfriend, it matters.

If she hits you with love, being wantoning towards you, it is her sweet coquetry towards you. But this coquetry of her is fascinating only if she does so off and on. If it becomes her routine, it can’t be tolerated, it can’t be justified.

In another case, if in her arrogance and rudeness she makes a routine to hit you, it’s disgusting. It’s something undesirable that can’t be justified when we say that the relationship is a healthy one.

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Why Does Your Girlfriend Hit You?

There can be two possible reasons behind your girlfriend hitting you.

She hits you for being too close to you. 1

It means she wants to show her liking and love for you. She, in her wantoning nature, hits you.

"Is It Ok For My Girlfriend To Hit Me?" How to handle it? (1)

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In such hitting, she neither means to harm you nor does she want to show her anger. It is a characteristic of her nature. If she carries on with it and you find no fascination in it, you are free to tell her that you don’t like her to deal with you in such a disgusting way.

She hits you because she has some psychological disorder. 2

To show her anger and dislikings for you or for some unpleasant act of yours, she finds it appropriate to use her hand on you. It can’t be excused. It can’t be withstood. You can simply ask her in a polite tone to stop this nonsense, as it is not a legal way to get her catharsis.

Domestic Help.⚠️

If the relationship has become vulnerable and you are facing incessant verbal and physical abuse, it will be appropriate to seek domestic violence support.Visit this page for the national domestic violence hotline to tackle abusive behavior.

My Girlfriend Hits Me Should I Forgive Her?

It depends on the nature of your relationship with your girlfriend. If overall she is a good girl and you have been comfortable with her so far, her off-and-on hits can be justified.

As it happens sometimes in their frustration, one can’t find proper words to explain themselves, and unconsciously they commit to hitting their loved ones which they never want.

If the case has been so, you should forgive your girlfriend with a warning that she should not behave in such a way as it hurts you not only physically but also spiritually.

If altogether she is arrogant and rude and in hersuperiority complex, she hits you every other day over nothing, she should be told with strict words to change her dealings with you otherwise you will not be able to carry on with her.

Should I Dump My Girlfriend Because She Hit Me?

If your girlfriend is hitting, you repeatedly, it means she is having apsychological disorder.

It seems ideal to communicate with her about the issue and ask her to visit a relationship therapist or psychiatrist. If she agrees, that’s fine. Assist her in overcoming her disorder.

If she declines and behaves more rudely or creates violence, it will be appropriate to dump her. If you remain committed to her with her psychological disorder, you will ruin your individuality and self-esteem.

If it happened that she hit you just one time and overall, she is amiable with you, don’t be hasty to dump her in your sudden emotional stroke.

Though even one-time hitting can also be not justified in the terms of a healthy relationship yet it is noteworthy to understand that in the heat of emotions one can lose their temperament and being humans they should be given a chance to make them bring to their normal functioning.

If Your Girlfriend Hits You During An Argument.

If your girlfriend hits you during an argument, it is disgusting.

Nobody has the right to prove themselves right by using their hand instead of being logical. On the other hand, you should not rise from your seat to counterattack. Being sober, in polite dealings, ask her to behave herself next time and just leave the place without listening to her any further.

If she is sensible enough and capable of self-accountability, she will come with her apologies for her bad treatment. Don’t hesitate to forgive her as, “to err is human.”

Nobody is perfect, anybody can lose control over themselves. And it is observed in relationships that after committing mistakes to purify themselves, partners render more love and care to their significant others to make them happy and satisfied.

How Do I Tell My Girlfriend to Stop Hitting Me?

You love your girlfriend, that’s good. She is dear to you, that’s fine. You can’t live without her, it is understandable.

But she has no right to hit you. She should deal with you nicely to strengthen her relationship with you.

If she has failed to do so and you are tolerating her with a smile or smirk, it will not last long. A day will come when you will lose your control and in your ultimate action, you people will end up with your relationship.

To avoid such a scenario in the future, the ideal seems to have a good sitting of communication with her.

Tell her you love her and her quarrelsome behavior hurts you. You expect her to deal with you in polite manners. If she has concerns, she can talk about them straightforwardly. But to hit you is no more tolerable.

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Hits You?

If she hit you for the first time, give her a chance instead of counter-attack. Be calm and tell her that her violent behavior can’t be justified. It will be a kind of warning for her to change heractive-aggressive nature.

Don’t ignore this rudeness of her. Have good communication with her about the issue. Tell her about your concerns. Tell her you want a long-term relationship with her. Assure her about your love and care for her.

If she has any concerns, alleviate them. Try this communication multiple times. If she listens and you find a favorable change in her behavior, keep trying to convince her for her best version for you.

In another case, if she has been hitting you for a considerable time and for multiple times, it will be better to ask her to visit a psychiatrist. She should seek psychological therapy as she is having a disorder.

Being her boyfriend, you can also accompany her to the nearby psychiatrist. It is notable that normal girls certainly don’t hit their boyfriends even if they are at fault.

"Is It Ok For My Girlfriend To Hit Me?" How to handle it? (2)

Is It Normal For My Girlfriend To Hit Me?

If you have not been abusive to her verbally or physically, it is a disgusting act by your girlfriend to hit you. In case, you dealt with her in violent manners and harmed her self-esteem, even then she can’t be justified in her behavior. 3

In an unhealthy relationship, it is always appropriate to communicate about the problems to make the relationship healthy. The use of hand or kicking can’t be the solution to relationship problems.

If you want to keep your relationship alive with your girlfriend, ask her to control herself. In case of any mental disorder, seek medical assistance or visit the relationship counselors to tackle the issue.

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